by-Zanele P.  Ndimande

The rush and the non- ending adrenalin of the 48 hour film project has hit yet again and will be coming to the city of Durban on the weekend of 23-25 November 2018. With eight years in running they has never been a less vigour, dull and a sparkles moment when it comes to making a film in just 48 hours and having it viewed by millions on the  big screen.

The 48 hour film project is an international film competition where people can enter in teams and make a movie in 48 hours. The project has circulated around South African provinces from Gauteng and now Durban has the chance to show what they have and impress prominent filmmakers.

Anyone can enter the competition. They are no compulsory requirements. Professionals and pre-professionals are allowed, no educational qualification is required, the skill and the passion are the driving forces. The 48 hour is an opportunity for filmmakers of all levels to practice their craft. Entrants will also be taught about everything that they need to know about making a movie, directing, editing, producing and doing it all on your smart phone without any high-tech camera or equipment.

There is a lot of raw and authentic talent that is to be discovered and moulded. Funds are also raised to sponsor those who wish to enter but don’t have the money to. A fee of R1500 is required for all entering teams. Combined Skills Group as the organiser has partnered along with many sponsors to discover talent while making the project a success from the likes of Movie Magic, SK and Skye Radio.

“South Africa has amazing talent. The talent that South Africa has is fantastic. I must be honest the women tend to steal the show a lot. All African talent needs is a good director. I once worked with a young man, Timothy Drew who has been with the 48 hour since he was 8 years old, he has been entering every show but only missed one, he has now started his own production company, he loves the rush of the 48”, said Natalie Delport, Managing Director of Combined Skills Group, Durban producer and Co-Founder of the 48 Hour film Project.

She works along with producing many e-TV film projects and mostly she is aspired by the real talent that’s alive and living in South African townships, the rush of talent tells it all, the feel and the impersonation of emotion tells a thousand stories.

With the 48 Hour She works along with Durban producer, Imbewu the Seed scriptwriter Ben Johnson and filmmaker Nerusha Maharaj as they are both set to take some running of the ropes in the filmmaking in Durban as Natalie is mostly based in Gauteng.

The teams have no information of the genres for the films they find out when they pick out a genre from a hat and only two genres are included. The best team film will be chosen and viewed on the big screen at the Ster-Kinekor Musgrave and Mindset TV. The 48HFP Awards will be held on 9 December 2019. The winning film per city will be sent to Filmapalooza in the USA to compete with films from around the world at the Cannes Film Festival 2019 to see who will be crowned for ‘Best 48 Hour Film 2018’.

Co-Founder of 48 Hour, Ben Johnson believes in real passion and authentic talent for filmmaking as South Africa has a lot of undiscovered talent, “Everyone has a different story, my background is Human Resources. I left it and people thought i was crazy, i found my passion very late. I ‘m actually a creative i followed what i thought was a regular job just like everybody else. When you come into the film industry you’re asked a question about education. What matters for me is showing that you have a skill of being able to do something. If you come to for help with a project, i will not ask which University you went to. I believe that ‘like’ passions attract each other, eventually you end up in the same circle of people that you share the same beliefs with”.


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