This is a competition which tests for business strategies and also problem solving. If one is eager to demonstrate their intelligence this is the right opportunity and platform.

The individuals entering the competition must prepare themselves to compete from around the world in order to see who’s fit to be the next CEO of P&G. The chosen top students will attend the Global Final in

Dubai and win the opportunity to meet P&G CEO, David Taylor. They must first prepare to show their ability to work and think critically and about leading the brand.

The benefits of the competition run abroad and they include:

  • A win all expenses paid trip to the location of the Regional Finals in Dubai and compete in the Global Final.
  • Meet students from all around the world and network.
  • Official winners will be invited to the Signal Event at Cincinati headquarters. Also join the executives, funders and industry distributors.
  • P&G will pay for the travel accommodations.
  • The team who wins the Global Final in Dubai will have to join the P&G signal Conference in 2019 and meet David Taylor (CEO).

The participating teams will be sent on a 7 day prior start competitions. They will spend the entire week preparing themselves, they are expected to arrive in Johannesburg in January 2019 before the welcome Reception in the evening.

How the completion works :

  • Gather your crew that has diverse backgrounds and sign up.
  • Rock the online case study and win the national round.
  • Take on the top performers from your region
  • Earn a spot in the global Final in Dubai.
  • Win and meet with the CEO’s from the biggest companies at P&G Signal Conference 2019.


The regional finals will take place at P&G headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. The winning teams from each campus will be chosen based on the score they achieved on  an online platform. They also be contacted after the first round has been closed ( 7 December 2018). P&G will reach out to the team leader using the email or phone number that is provided. The top teams of each country will be provided travel and lodging for the Regional Finals in John. South Africa. The winning team from the Regional Finals will travel to Dubai from the 3rd week of May.



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