Bryn Wombell (General Manager at AME) Zondi Thandiwe (smme graduate)

AME Africa Healthcare hosted the AME’s Enterprise Development Graduation on 17 September 2018. The keynote speaker at the event was Enterprise Development Programme Leader, Proffesor Charles Dondo.
His address was mainly about lauding the new graduates and also imparting his knowledge of the industry.
Also in attendance were influential people from within the AME family, namely; General Manager, Bryn Woombell and HR Manager, Advocate Gloria Khumalo.
Speaking at the event, Proffesor Charles Dondo urged the graduates to believe in themselves and also strive to have things they can call their own.
“The seed that AME Africa has planted in you is, training you in entrepreneurship a majority of small businesses are started by people who have no background in business at all, and you need as a business person to know the eight enterprise functions intimately and in detail this is the theoretical knowledge we have imparted in you”
Dondo further said success is not about money, fame or popularity rather about creating a legacy. The most important message was along the lines of ‘If you can believe it, you can live it’.
“This is the time now that your journey is is a transcition from theory to practical knowledge. You need to invest time in whatever you do, you need to explore, and you need to learn.”
“Being lazy is disrespectful to people around you, it is also disrespectful to God who gave you the talent, and it is also disrespectful to yourself”
After all had been said and done, the graduates were presented with their certificates.


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