I greet the readers of SMME news with all my heart”
I am writing to Remind you the importance of Appreciating what you have
in this Life and what God has done for you ,

We should always thank the almighty for everything . even when we are
facing difficulties we should not forget there were Good time before the
terrible times , no matter the setbacks, no matter the shortfalls, we
still have to appreciate the chance that God has given us . We can thank
God for our health, we can thank God for our family, we can thank God
for his faithfulness who has promised to never leave us nor forsake us
and we can simply thank God because we are alive .

Why are we not appreciating the chance that God has given us ? so many
people are going through hardship in life , it might happen that you
think you have problems but someone somewhere is facing problem which is
much bigger then what you are crying about , someone is in hospital
fighting for their life and you are not even sick but you are
Complaining , someone doesn’t have Food to eat but you have the food
and you are still complaining , someone doesn’t have shelter to hide
themselves yet you have a shelter and you are complaining ,my brother
and my sister appreciate what you have and what God has given you , why
are you so ungrateful ,

I love this quote, you don’t know what you have till it’s gone which
means Instead of trying to chase what WE don’t HAVE, WE should take a
BLESSINGS I strongly believe that a thankful heart is a grateful
heart and a grateful heart pleases God because He sees that we are
appreciative for all that He has graciously given to us.

Kind Regards
Siphesihle Manzini


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