On Sunday, November 11, the annual 2018 Durban Wellness Festival 5km run / walk was held proudly supported by  SASA, Lilly and Clover Tropika Slenda and the Protea Hotel by Marriott – Durban Edward to promote general health and wellness, and in particular an awareness campaign to raise funds on behalf of Diabetes SA Durban.

The event took place at the Lower Marine Parade Amphitheatre at the Bay of Plenty and saw everyone – from babies in prams, people in wheelchairs, to dogs on leashes all turning up to support. Durban was certainly “doing it for diabetes”.

“Even though World Diabetes Day is celebrated annually on November 14 with the aim of raising awareness and educating people about this dreaded disease, its complications and the care that people with this condition need.

We encourage the public to show more interest in monitoring their health, fitness and diet irrespective of the date being “observed, as most people know so little about this serious condition” says Jenny Russell, the Branch Manager at Diabetes SA in Durban and we seriously need to do something about it collectively!” she added.

The day ended with loads of lucky draws taking place after the walk, with the addition of a wellness expo at the amphitheatre where members of the public had the opportunity to have their blood pressure, blood sugar, eyes and feet tested as well as exhibitors from pharmaceutical, health, fitness and nutrition companies educated those who attended  to  a variety of products to improve or maintain good health.


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