By: Anele S. Gumede

From the 1st to the 5th of October 2018 the Durban ICC hosted the KwaZulu-Natal Trade Investment Export week. The TIKZN is an annual programme of trade and Investments in KwaZulu-Natal. The Expo was held to highlight the importance of exporting in the KwaZulu-Natal economy and to celebrate all the succeeding export businesses in South Africa.

The Expo week was filled with information and networking session for emerging exporters, existing exporters and seasoned exporters. The main aim for the exporter week was to develop, recognise, promote and assist with growing KwaZulu-Natal’s export businesses and industries. The Expo is to allow many businesses to grown and understand the different and safe ways of trading. Throughout the week a variety of seminars were held where comprehensive programmes of activities and where professionals had shared their thought and ideas on development and information on the growth of sectors and market opportunities to KwaZulu-Natal’s new exporters and international businesses.

“Networking is very important for businesses so please embrace this opportunity and get to know each other as businesses.”

The seminar had a number of important people to talk to these businesses about running exporting businesses and how to trade with other countries. Dr Martin Cameron Director and Owner of Trade and Research Advisory (Pty) Ltd, MARCAM Software and Consulting Company was speaker and facilitator on the last day of the Expo week.

“South Africa needs to move forward and Trade policy and Industrial policy should work together” Says Dr Cameron

The TIKZN is looking to way to helping and developing South African firms and teach South Africans about how to trade with other African Countries.

The only way to grow Africa is by getting all the government parties such as SARS to help the country go forward.

In South Africa we have a great relationship with other countries and we need to use that to our advantage and trade.

“We need to challenge not only people like the TKZN but also companies like the ADA and many other well-known Companies”

In closing Dr Martin Cameron ended by advising SMME’s on the world of Trade and how entering into Trade can affect their businesses.

“SMME’s should not enter into Trade because they are only setting themselves up for failure, unless they have a good product.”





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