Durban-based Dynamic Women International (DWI) launches in Durban on Saturday, 24 November 2018. The organistion was set up by a group of dedicated women entrepreneurs working across key sectors of the South African economy.

The entity has, at its core, the success of women entrepreneurs in the rural and peri-urban areas of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and Free State. It also has global Chapters in Africa, New York and London. DWI is concerned about the lives of women in poverty-stricken communities and will embark on a range of developmental initiatives, personal and professional, to steer, improve and uplift entrepreneurs.

DWI notes that women in South Africa have made gigantic strides in all areas of our society, yet access to economic opportunities remains the preserve of a privileged minority.
DWI will through its local (government, public and private sector) and global networks endeavor to uplift our local women meaningfully through an exchange of skills, through access to tangible economic opportunities and sustainable training offerings.

In the run-up to the launch, DWI members have spoken about the key challenges faced by women in business and women entrepreneurs in general including:

  •  A lack of skills to grow themselves and their businesses.
  •  Barriers to financial support.
  • Inability to run a sustainable business.
  • Lack of support due to lack of business structures in communities/townships.
  • Most SMMEs fail within months of set-up.
  •  Issues of compliance and other red tape hamper business growth and opportunities.
  • Lack of market access.
  •  Poor leadership skills which lead to the collapse of collaborative initiatives between women-owned entities.
  • Gate-keeping by government officials and leaders in private sector also hinder success.

Business and procurement opportunities in the private sector is limited to only the more
experienced entrepreneurs.

DWI offers the following:

  •  Serve as an independent advocate for economic transformation for women.
  • Provide personal value development and positioning for all women.
  • Offer business, leadership, life skills and financial skills support & growth.
  • Create linkages and partnerships – import and export platforms.
  • Promote economic empowerment through access to Business & Trade opportunities.
  • Skills Development, Mentorship and Training.
  • Job creation and access to employment for youth and women.
  • Community initiatives for women and youth in rural areas.
  • Strong and ethical leaders who want to empower and leave a legacy of development.

DWI will be launched on Saturday, at the Olive Convention Centre in Durban. The keynote speaker at the event is KZN MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Mrs. Nomusa Dube-Ncube, New York based women motivator Dr. Xolile Jones, eThekwini Deputy Mayor Fawzia Peer, as well as, the Durban Chamber CEO Ms. Palesa Phili.

For more information contact:
Ms. Mary B Papayya
Secretary-General | Dynamic Women International (DWI)
M: 0823794957


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