Focused, blessed and fresh-to-death. This is how Noxolo Kekana describes herself and it is hard not to believe that she is all this and more!

Noxolo Kekana, owner of KBC Flowers

Noxolo Kekana (who hails from Pretoria) is a successful attorney and is now the owner and director of KBC Flowers, an online florist boutique. It is no surprise that the love of all things floral runs in the family as Kekana explains that her grandmother is also a florist.

“I had the idea last year to start this business when my grandmother who is a florist went on pension.” It was only after Kekana was done with her board exams that she revisited her idea to start an online florist business. “This time it made more sense than ever,” she says. “I would make it a family business so that my mom (who is our assistant) could make some extra money and my gran who is surviving on government pension could also make some extra money.” She immediately began the registration process, doing research on the industry. By early August this year, KBC Flowers had started taking orders.

KBC Flowers offers fresh cut flowers for all types of occasions, be it weddings, funerals, corporate events or intimate events at home and they also provide company deliveries. When asked what sets KBC Flowers apart from other florists, Noxolo’s answer seems simple yet speaks volumes. “We are a typical florist but just based online. Our prices are also cheaper than the rest. If you compare how much we charge for a single rose for instance, you will see that KBC Flowers is probably the cheapest. We are also able to do customized floral arrangements as per customer requests (instead of customers only having a few options to choose from).”

She admits that she has had challenges in her entrepreneurial journey so far. In the beginning the main challenge was over-stocking of flowers. “I would end up having to throw some away if I hadn’t used them up by a certain time.” Operating a business of perishable goods is stressful as the flowers have a short life span. Adding onto this, as soon as stock is collected, it must be sold. However Noxolo Kekana is smart. She donates unused flowers so that she doesn’t compromise on the quality of her brand.

“I am still working on getting more customers and building the company so I can get to a stage where, when stock arrives, it will be sold.” Thankfully, KBC Flowers has recently launched their website and has employed a driver who makes deliveries in Pretoria and Johannesburg as well. “We are just finalizing some small things for now.  What excites me is the potential of how big we can get and how many more jobs I can create in my community!”

We cannot wait to see more growth from Noxolo Kekana and KBC Flowers! Get in touch with KBC Flowers:



Call 0818939159

Facebook: Kekana’s Beautiful Creations.

Instagram: @kbc_flowers

Twitter: @kbc_flowers


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