Sakhileni Mthethwa under Sakhethwa Entertainment

By: Anele S. Gumede

On the 4th of August 2018 Sakhileni Mthethwa under Sakhethwa Entertainment/Cikoza Mkhumbane hosted the Cikoza Mkhumbane Art Festival. It is a music festival that is the held yearly, and this year marks it second year.  It is a festival that encourages upcoming artists that are still struggling.

“Our aim to give artists a platform to showcase their work, but the main aim is to allow them not only to perform, but for them to be paid after every performance they do even when they are hired by the Municipality or any other state owned department.”

It has always been said that it all starts with the new generation and that is exactly what Cikoza Mkhumbane festival is about starting something new that will change the lives of many young people.

“It all starts with us as iCikoza Mkhumbane, but we are still fighting and we are hoping that the municipality will help the artist. Because what we are doing will help inspire the youth as it is always been said that the youth is the leader of tomorrow.” says Sakhileni

“As we are new and still growing what I was waiting for I received the festival was beautiful and I learnt so much. We are grateful to the well-known artists that were able to sacrifice their time to work with us and advise all upcoming artists.”

What I have learnt today is that if you want something you need to be patient and if it doesn’t worked out look at plan B and look what can I do to succeed start from there. There was a delay in the deco but in believing in myself my plan b worked and the festival was a success and believing in God.”

“I would like to thank the people of Art and Living Culture Mr Ngcunu Slu and the eThekwini Youth Office they helped with the catering that fed over 280 guests and my sponsor Reflection, BTS Entertainment who sponsored the t-shirts and lastly the people who helped me organise everything.”

“The Art and living Culture which is under Parks recreation and Culture eThekwini Municipality we had to help sponsor with the venue, sound and help them find talent. Ast the municipality it is our job to help the community reach their goals and use their talent.” Says member of the Art and Living Culture


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