The Municipality has issued rates rebate renewal letters.

Residents are requested return the forms to the Municipality
by the 30th April 2019 signed and commissioned

Peet du Plessis, Head of Revenue Management urges all
applicants to note the following:

1. There is NO CHARGE for submitting these forms;

2. No MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES will be visiting customers in
their homes for this process, unless a prior request was
made due to medical and or other condition;

3. Customers should insist on being issued with a signed and
stamped Acknowledgment of Receipt as proof of submission;

4. Customers that have not responded by the 30th April 2019,
their rebates will lapse on the 30 June 2019 and will then
have to reapply.

“Rebates are provided to senior citizens, the medically
boarded, people with disabilities and child-headed
households. Customers are cautioned to exercise vigilance
during this period, as many often fall prey to criminals.
There were previous cases where anonymous people were
scamming, especially Senior Citizens for cash to assist in
filling forms.” Du Plessis explains.

Beneficiaries must remember that all renewal letters will be                                       posted to them, the renewal forms are not for sale and there
no charge to submit a renewal form. No Municipal official
will visit their homes to collect or deliver forms and there
is no charge involved in the submission and completion

Du Plessis added: “All beneficiaries who do not receive
renewal letters by 15 March 2019, should visit the
Municipality offices with their Identity Documents.

Customers who require more information can contact the
Revenue 0800 311 11 11 or visit any customer service centre
or Sizakala Centre and ensure they take along their Identity

First-time applicants can download a rates rebate form
online on


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