Business owners, entrepreneurs  and friends gathered at the Onomo hotel, Durban on 4th March 2019  for the  Robin Hood Foundation’s (RHF)  Mahala Tea, a  fund-raising campaign that support the needy gogos  in rural areas. Guests donated non-perishable food, pre-loved clothing, linen and money in support of RHF’s Mahala Markets for the mkhulus and gogos through the year.

 The highlight of the event was talks by inspiring guest speakers as Rudolf Avallone, Cindy Norcott and Dr. Gcina Mhlophe, South African popular storyteller.  There was also performance by South African singer Holly Rey an Afro-electro house artist and songwriter from Durban.

The Founder of Robin Hood Foundation, Cindy Norcott said ‘the main driving force for starting the Robin Hood Foundation was my concern for the massive disparity between the wealthy few and the impoverished masses.  Cindy adds that ‘at the Mahala market, the donation received are set up into different station where gogo’s and mkhulu’s in rural area are invited to shop for free’.

Coordinator of RHF, Kim Griffith Jones, said, ‘the gogos, in the communities we are hosting these mahalas markets, get by on so little with their state pensions, and they also have grandchildren in their care who they support’. She adds ‘this Mahala Market is an exciting day for them because they choose something for themselves which will be a little treat that they deserve but cannot afford’.

There was also exhibition from local businesses and SMMEs as Willows clothing boutique, Finchley farms, Jennings Fine Foods, Deli Italia and city granite amongst others. As well as give away prices and raffle draws.

Robin Hood Foundation is a registered NPO that mobilize resources from business and individuals. Robin Hood Foundation will be hosting Mahala project in different communities every few months. The Durban community is urged and encouraged to get spring cleaning and donate clothes to RHF’s Mahala Market. If you would like to get involved, for drop-off points, for info on the Mahala Market or any of RHF’s outreach. Email info@robinhood for other RHF fundraising initiatives.

: Dr. Gcina Mhlophe, South African well known storyteller and South African singer Holly Rey an Afro-elect


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