By Anele S Gumede

Like all good things hard work needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. On the 21 of November 2018 SmartXchange held the 2018 SmartXchange SMME awards in Coastlands Hotel in Musgrave. The aim of the awards which are held yearly is to acknowledge SMME’s that have made a change in the lives of many throughout the year.

The awards were filled with laughter and the recognition of excellent work from many small businesses. “We are here to recognise the powerful work done by the SMME’s if they did not do the stunning work they do every year then SmartXchange would not be recognised as Ethekwini’s best Incubator.” Says Jonathan Naidoo CEO of SmartXchange. There were many exemplary speakers to motivate and inspire these small businesses people of the likes of Precious Lukayeni who is the President and chairperson of SmartXchange Mr Lunga Madladla, Sbu Shabalala Chairperson of (ICTSMME’s)

“Hard work alone is great but it is not enough but I tell you it is all possible.” Says Mr Sbu Shabalala

After the very inspiring speeches the awards began starting with the Graduation of three SMME’s which went to Mongi of Skynet Cyber, Sandile Khanyile of SKW Inventions and Shaun Worth of Real Time Energy. Then the best new comer award went to Innocent Mthiyane of Thako Media and Reshma Maragi of Inspired Woman.

And the ICT Woman of the year award went our very own Mrs Tinky Ogle Publisher and founder of SMME News. Who has made it nothing but her mission to help Small businesses have the opportunities they need to make their businesses known and for them to get the exposure they need. Through all the challenges she went through with starting the business she aims to make it easy for other businesses and assure them that better days are yet to come. And lastly The Winner of the year award went to Aye Dlamini of Ekasi Brothers. These businesses have showed noting but hard work and determination and deserved nothing but to be celebrated. SmartXchange aims to inspire and help small business by showing them that they too matter and are on the right path to reaching their goals.


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