The awards celebrate outstanding innovators and innovations which are helping commonwealth countries along with their people to achieve Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG’s) and also increase their values in the Commonwealth Charter. The Commonwealth Charter commits commonwealth countries to the development of democratic societies and the promotion of prosperity and peace.

Aims of the Awards:

  • To recognise innovations that are boasting sustainable development in commonwealth countries while working in hand with the Common Wealth Charter and the SDGs
  • To inspire the next generation of commonwealth innovators
  • To put in the spotlight the innovative potential across commonwealth

The award –winning innovations must conform to the core values and principles of the Commonwealth Charter. Three award winners will be selected under five categories which are:

  • People
  • Prosperity
  • Peace
  • Planet
  • Partnership

The winners will be decided based upon the potential of their innovations to advance one or preferably more 17 SDG’s in commonwealth countries.

The awards will be decided on the factors of:

  • Level of impact to demonstrate the potential of innovation
  • Real fresh ways to approach problem-solving
  • The quality of the achievement
  • The potential impact of innovation on achievement of SDGs in commonwealth countries.

The entry criteria:

  • Entrants must be:
  • commonwealth citizens- female and young commonwealth innovators
  • government ministries, department or public sector agencies in commonwealth countries
  • private sector enterprises based in any commonwealth country
  • social or voluntary sector enterprise based in any common wealth country.
  • Nominees must have engaged in developing their innovations for more than 12 months
  • Award winners must agree to take part in commonwealth supported activities.

Each nominee is liberated to enter submissions of up two of the five categories. The nomination process will only be done on the online platform. The deadline for the nominations is 31 December 2018.


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