The YHer program is a sub program from the YGap Foundation.  Started by a group of travellers who decided to do something to attempt to change the living conditions of the people in the countries they had visited on the African continent.  They started by building schools and slowly worked their way across Africa.

The YHer accelerator Program believes in the development of women and their impact in the economic zone.  Understanding that women are the future leaders of the continent, vibrant architects of society, agents for making the world a better place and therefore should be awarded and rewarded for their strides.

YGap encourage all female entrepreneurs across the Pacific to apply to the program.  Running through a few stages:

  • Accelerator- Designed to fast track the start-up stage of the venture, the programme provides training and mentorship while connecting entrepreneurs to fellow female business experts.
  • Mentorship- Access to mentors from around the world to share their experiences in business, to help start-ups grow.
  • High- Tea- Offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to network with a host of funders and supporters, and to pitch venture ideas at an exclusive high-tea event.
  • Funding- Funding is provided to winners upon peer review and audience votes, to the value of $25, 000.
  • Growth Support- Potential to qualify for growth support, including continuous tailored support and grant or investment funding to help scale the venture.
  • Community- Ongoing connection with virtual community, network and gain a support structure along the journey.

To be considered for the YHer Accelerator, YGap Foundation seeks female-led ventures (business must have at least one female co-founder to participate in the program,) Local (entrepreneurs must have extensive knowledge and understanding of the problem attempting to solve,) Social Impact (the venture must seek to improve the lives of those living in poverty,) Support Women and Girls (although not a standard requirement, the venture is preferred to favour ventures that would impact positively, the lives of females) and In the Early Stages (venture has already been launched, with below 100 customers and been in operation less than two years.

oogleVisit to get more information and apply.


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