Mr Cosmas Mamhunze (AGOA/ Exports&Linkages specialist, USAID South African Trade and Investment hub)
r. Shashank Vikram the Consul General, India Consulate General.
Ms Usha Maharaj facilitating Q&A session of Trade Opportunities in the USA

by-Anele S. Gumede and Zanele P. Ndimande

Breakaway session 3

This session two countries came together to discuss the road and belt agenda new platform, twin centres bring you the success of mutual business between China, South Africa and India joined in on the issue at hand.

The discussion started with Mr Calvin Yan, General Manager, Dongguan SA Commodity, Display Centre Durban and Ms Ding Qiao, Vice Consul General, Consulate General of the people Republic of China.

“South Africa has been China’s successful trading partner for 8 years and we wish for our partnership to continue” Says Ms Ding Qiao

The countries then discussed the Trade and investment opportunities in India on the focus on Medical tourism around the world and mostly how India specialises in it.                                                                                                               India is at the top when it comes to medical assistance they have the best facilities skilled it is known to be one of the top medical facilities in the worlds. Dr. Shaskank Vikram, Consul General, India Consulate General gave us an insight on how India functions and how it is open to the world when it comes to sharing it medical facilities.

“A lot of people are coming around the world to Africa to get treatment, and that is South African and India should partner as India is good when it comes to medical tourism.”

South Africans can apply for the India medical visa which will allow S.A Nationals with the minimum of 7 days for foreign nationals to get medical assistance. And India wishes to carry on working with other countries around the world in order to better the lives of many.

Break away session 4

The TIKZN export week still continues to gain exposure and attract honourable business delegates, upcoming business owners and also general members of the public.

Day 3 of the summit highlights the export opportunities that are available in the United States of America along with the United Kingdom. The discussion drew into the spotlight various ways and ideas on how to grow business and how to maintain economic growth.

South Africa has had business export connections throughout the US and the UK. The two countries have become the major players in the Trade and Export industry. The US, UK and KZN have always had a good trade relationship and the relation between these nations continues to thrive significantly.

Many trade opportunities that are available in the UK were one of the top discussions from Machinery, retail, food &beverage. There are many United Kingdom companies that are based in South Africa that still continue to gain maximum profit, these companies are the perfect example of effective international trade and export relations which benefit all nations alike. The companies are from the likes of ARAP, Unilever and many other role playing companies.

Raksha Maharaj who is part of the Department of International Trade in the UK mentioned that “we aim to be the largest investor in South Africa over the next 10 years. Let’s grow our businesses and our economy together”.

The Dube Trade port was one of the outstanding factors that were highlighted which is Africa’s global manufacturing and air logistics platform. A presentation entirely based on the KwaZulu-Natal provincial growth was disseminated during the session. It focuses on many issues, the business related opportunities that are found in KZN and how KZN has been working by far in demising lingering issues that slow down transformation in the province and in South Africa as a whole.

The presentation objectified on “Vision 2035”, the 7 strategic goals that aim to alter change while effectively improving the export industry along with its international relations. Inclusive economic growth, globalisation, unemployment, fraud and corruption are still some of the lingering issues that will by far require attention and improvement.


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