Zamani Nzimande is just another ordinary lad from Seaview, South of Durban. He is also an Amazon Solutions Architect at Zero Gravity Cloud. Amazon is the largest cloud vendor in the World & Zamani is part of a very exclusive group: Less than 1% of ICT Professionals Worldwide, certified to partner with Amazon Cloud: Amazon Web Services or AWS.


This is the first in a series of articles, titled: “Ask Zamani”? Where Zamani will share his knowledge and experience gained from Amazon, as well as current trends he is seeing in their more mature, First-World Markets. You may also mail him your ICT questions:


The first subject for discussion is quite rightly: Security! Security should be any Organization’s absolute priority. If we cannot protect our business and our customers, we have no business. Security threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and good security hygiene is critical


The key questions to evaluate your Business’ ICT Infrastructure on, is:


  1. How secure is my Business against malicious cyber attacks?
  2. How quickly can my Business recover from a core IT failure?
  3. Can my Business continue to operate during a core IT outage?
  4. Is my Business compliant with the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act?


To this end: Encryption of essential business data is the minimum any business should ensure, and security by design is one of the biggest advantages of cloud. Zamani advocates Cloud as the quickest method to easily and cost-effectively protect your Business from Cyber attacks.


There is a fallacy that Public Cloud is a security risk. This can’t be any further from the Truth! If you are serious about Security, you will move to Public Cloud. At Amazon, Security is their Priority Zero. There is nothing more important to Amazon than Security. The annual Security budget at Amazon is upwards of US$1Billion, budgets that none of us can afford. As such, their levels of security are at military defense grade. This is THE positive externality of hosting your ICT infrastructure in Public Cloud.


Ask Zamani how you can leverage of Amazon Web Services to secure your Business today to ensure continuity through migration to Cloud:


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